Often when asked why the concept of #SpeakTruth is important to him Gregory Wilson responds,


Having grown up continuously seeing the aggressive, tough guy image heavily portrayed in music and culture, I wanted to bring about this idea of #SpeakTruth because I  was never able to see myself in the media around me". As I got older I realized that when the images, music, and stories which sell and catch peoples eye, differ from the ways in which we as a society live see ourselves, there is a disconnect that affects our self-esteem, or standards of beauty, and the ways in which we interact with each other.  

And so I put this concept of #SpeakTruth in my music because I want to be the encouragement that I needed when I was 8. And for this reason, I Put my personal truths, Pain and Joy into my music in the hope that today someone, somewhere will learn to live and love themselves unapologetically because that's what I believe we were put on this earth to do.

#SpeakTruth, is affirmation, it is our simple way of saying "I see you, you are valued, and you are heard. 

#SpeakTruth seeks to encourage individuals of all ethnic, cultural, and gender  backgrounds to speak about their lived experiences unapologetically.

#SpeakTruth is to change the landscape of culture though conversation.



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