Gregory Wilson, (born Gregory Wilson Boles) is a music artist and producer from Brooklyn, New York. Influenced by the soulful sounds of Motown, and his gospel upbringing, he seeks to incorporate the grooving sounds and socially conscious lyrics of the past with a modern delivery that makes his music accessible to listeners of all generations.

Having self-written and produced both his debut album entitled "One", (featured on the iTunes top #200), in addition to his sophomore project "Lessons From Our Fathers"(iTunes top #150), Gregory has carved a place for himself in the music industry, and is now touring with the renowned Deans List Tour now in its fifth year. 



Growing up continuously seeing the aggressive, tough guy image heavily portrayed in music and culture, Gregory Wilson, founded #SpeakTruth because he was "never able to see himself in the media he watched".

In feeling that American culture as a whole does very little to encourage people of color, and has created rigid personas for how individuals are to act, #SpeakTruth was founded as verbal affirmation to those sharing their lived experiences unapologetically. 

#SpeakTruth is to say "You are valued, you are heard." 

#SpeakTruth is to say "I am here for you"

#SpeakTruth is to change the landscape of culture though conversation.