#SpeakTruth is the brainchild of Brooklyn born music artist Gregory Wilson. Growing up continuously seeing the aggressive, tough guy image in music and culture, Gregory Wilson, as we know being everything but aggressive, was never really able to see himself in the media he watched. Professionally in media, men of color are so often portrayed as athletes, criminals, drug dealers, and on an emotional level, as silent, aggressive, beings who because of a lack of trust keep emotional distances from those around them.

When media creates rigid personas for how individuals are to act, anyone watching, regardless of age, begin to ascribe these behaviors to their perceptions of themselves and the world around them. Furthermore, a consequence of this, is that anyone who behaves, or thinks differently is silenced, eXiled, or forced to live a life that is not their own. 

#SpeakTruth, is affirmation, it is our simple way of saying "I see you, you are valued, and you are heard. 

#SpeakTruth seeks to encourage individuals of all ethnic, cultural, and gender  backgrounds to speak about their lived experiences unapologetically.

#SpeakTruth is to change the landscape of culture though conversation.